Aha yeto



“Toro” was a brave and persevering bull; possessing a great determination. He would walk, as the absolute owner of those unending blue-colored fields of, ripe and proud agave plants. Fruit of their loins, and with much tradition; they were ready to sacrifice themselves to give life to that precious elixir.

“Toro’s” restless soul, and beautiful black fur blended with the blue fields; allies in taking advantage of the solitary quietness of the night….and at days end, run off to the warehouse where the freshly cut fruits of the agave plant lay.

His first raids were successful. “Toro” enjoyed insatiable feasts; devouring the very soul of the tequila, like a god accepting as sacrifice, the bounty of the land to grant its continued prosperity.

Soon after, the workers stood guard to stop what was to them a sacrilege; for “Toro”, an ecstasy. Every night was heard the desperate yells, “Aha Toro! Go away! Aha, aha!”

Then, a wall brought “Toro’s” ventures into the warehouse to an end. However, his love for the blue richness that blended with the red earth did not cease. Since then, each night he leaves his pen to guard and protect the thorned creation of God from where the soul of our tequila, AHA YETO, is born.

Taste of our land